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the specific charm possed by some peoples of the hippie persuasion. this is not limited to any specific type of hippie however all kinds have varying degrees of this swag. can also be known as shine
yea, him and the blacked haired kid with dreads and the midlenght blonde haired kid are supa spun out. and still their shines blinding the whole lot!! they have tons of hippie swag
by dopestarmuca August 10, 2010
orginally referring only to customers of a drug dealer be it all the time or just on lot but now has taken the form of an insult to refer to all sorts of dumbasses be it just a customer whom you tax too the point they are moronic for paying, a customer whom you continually short, or even a person who gets the wings they did not earn ripped off
1 "man that custie just bought this eigth of middies for 60!"

2 "i cut these quarter inch doses down to 10mm and sold them to that custie he pissed himself he was so excited"

3 "man did you hear about mark? he got his wings ripped off! what a custie fuck"
by dopestarmuca August 17, 2010
gypsy laguage(lovers dialect) for cat...not as in the feline sense when used by most but as in a person
hello muca i louve thee
by dopestarmuca August 09, 2010

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