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the act of owning, kicking ass, being a P.I.M.P., doing sick at life, and being strayt-up balla'

derived from the Italian based "anthony" meaning "ass-kicking ownage" and the also Italian based "zonfrelli" meaning "strayt-up P.I.M.P."

abbreviated: "az" pronounced "ay-zee"
1. "Yo, Ryan totally anthonyzonfrellied that kid at the wrestling match the other day!"

2. "Dude, Shea is totally anthonyzonfrellying at that game!"

3. "Jack wishes that Cael would totally anthonyzonfrelly him."
#anthony #tabor #kobe #ballin #balling #gangsta #pimp #ownage #anthonyzonfrelling #anthonyzonfrelliing
by doonan February 19, 2008
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