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Talking on speaker phone with your significant other while in the car with other individuals. Therefore forcing every one to listen to you sweet talk, instead of listening to the radio like everyone else would prefer.
I was forced to listen to cake f.m. all the way home, my friends a dick..shoot me now.
by doolinism January 19, 2011
The meaner, or manner in which someone conducts a situation or carrys themself. Usually in a displeasing way towards the person on the receiving end.
You- Hey Lou, want to go hang out after class.

Lou- No I think I'm just going to sit a home and be lame.

You- Ah man your shits beat!
by doolinism January 19, 2011
A word used to insult another person, who at the current time is showing tendecies of expressing un-cool, or undesirable behaviors.
Girl- This guy keeps following me around at the bar.
You- What a chachi.

You- Hey dude, are you almost ready togo to this party?
Friend- I haven't even started to get ready dude.
You- Way to be on time chachi.

You- Hey wheres chachi?
Friend- Probably off touching himself, like a chach.
by doolinism January 19, 2011

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