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a mystical goblin, usually found dwelling deep inside Leroy avenue
tim - have you ever heard of yeldarb the goblin
mike - yeah dude, one time my car broke down on leroy and the damn yeldarb tried to eat my dog.
tim - dude.. that same stuff happened to me but i wasn't so fortunate.
mike - what happened?
tim - lets just say my little kitten didn't leave Leroy.
mike - oh. sorry bro :/
by doolica13 November 06, 2009
its one of those things. you will know it when you see it.
Matt ~ have you ever grabbed a buttersack by the butt?
Jared ~ uh whats a buttersack?
Matt ~ you'd know if you've grabbed it
by doolica13 October 14, 2009
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