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When a man stuffs his "bacon" into a woman's (or man. Depends on sexual orentation) rectum so hard and deep, that when the "bacon" is withdrawn out of the rectum, a hamburger looking object is attached with slightly mis-colored blood.
Dave- "Man. I got so hammered last night, I gave this chick I think I knew from like, middle school a Bacon Ass-Pounder with Cheese"

by doodoopants92 January 17, 2011
When Facebook takes over all life and is everyones emotion. Past the point where people literally starting writing on peoples walls and say "lol" out loud when they find something humerous.
Dave- "Hey, I put ILY on your wall yesterday. Didn't you see it?"

Michelle- "What the fuck asshole? It took me an hour to scrub that off. But I did lol about it for a little"

Mitch- "FB takeover"
by doodoopants92 January 31, 2011

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