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A beautiful mystical blonde temptress. Generally excessively kinda and caring, with a rockin body too! In most cases these rare breeds also exhibit a set of eyes you could stare into all day, and forget what she's talking about because you seriously got lost. And don't forget that booty!! a booty so nice, it's a force to be reckoned with. An all around atomic babe, total wifey material. If seen in the wild, tap on one shoulder then appear on the opposite side, it works every time.
dude 1-Man that bitch look good!
dude 2-you could never get on her level, she's a samantha!
dude 3-Id rip my dick off an throw it in the river if it meant i could chill with that babe for a minute!
dude 4- wait what? i just got lost in her eyes
by doodmanJ March 04, 2010

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