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Oh My God, What The Fuck, Apple sauce.
(apple sauce is just random feel free to add what ever word you want). Used to express shock/anger.
A: I got 100%
B: omgwtfapplesauce.

A: Your boyfriend shagged me
B: omgwtfapplesauce, I'm gonna beat the crap out of you.
by doo_dey_21 December 29, 2008
night in the ruts is a phrase made famous by the band Aerosmith. It is used as a joke. "Night in the ruts" is changed to "Right in the nuts"
A: hey check out my pm on msn...Do you notice anything funny?
B: wat is Night in the ruts?
A: switch the n in night with the r in ruts..
(sees Right in the nuts)
A: HAHA...
by doo_dey_21 July 12, 2008
Tank ye. Thank you in short.
A: Here's the ______ i promised you.
B: Tankye.
by doo_dey_21 December 29, 2008
klio is a combination of kl (cool) and coolio/koolio (cool). take "kl" and add "io" to it and you get a shortend version of coolio/koolio
a conversation on msn;

A: hey check out this new definition
B: klio
A: i know
by doo_dey_21 December 29, 2008
What happens to your hands after multiple days of surfing(at the beach). Usually starts with simple blisters then mostly turns into calices. Bleeding may occur.
Ways to prevent: Don't keep your hands on the deck of the board when going out to catch a wave. Drag the board by the leg rope instead.
A: hey, how was the surf?
B: It was great except now i have surfie's hand! God, it hurts!
by doo_dey_21 December 23, 2008
To piss.
I need to tinky sooooo bad!!
by doo_dey_21 December 23, 2008
another word for food glorious food.
A: Have you seen any food come out yet
B: Ooh our foodies!
by doo_dey_21 December 29, 2008

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