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A very famous teenage man; singer and actor. Many believe he's gay, but let's face it, he isn't. Many people hate on him for doing what he loves; take a look at the definitions below. But before you automatically hate him for living the life, take a minute and think about him before his famous life. he lived below the poverty line. he deserves everything he has. And, he works very hard for it. The kid's seventeen and has already gone on a world tour, sold over four million albums, has many products of merchandise, has won 25 awards, has been on countless tv shows, and has recorded songs with the best of the best, like chris brown, sean kingston, rascal flatts, and many others. Take a look what's under the surface before you judge. The only reason to hate him is because you're jealous, but then again, who wouldn't be. Instead of being jealous, try being inspired. To achieve everything he has in such a short time; three years. Think before you judge.
You:Have you heard of Justin Bieber?

Friend: Yeah, a lot of people hate him, but they don't know how hard he works!
by dontjudgeabookbyitscover August 07, 2011

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