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A person who shows a complete lack of patience and wisdom;A person who jumps headlong without thinking into very consequential situations;An idiot
Hey Bushinheimer you forgot your breifcase and notes.
by Donnie2Light July 10, 2009
The dire condition of putting too much faith in a president only to have your hopes and dreams dashed to pieces by the extreme let down.
I need to see a shrink,I am suffering from  a severe case of Obamatrauma.
by Donnie2Light July 10, 2009
A person addicted to fighting and arguing.A person who thrives on friction and drama.
Johnny can't help himself anymore he is picking fights with everyone he is becoming a real static addict.
by Donnie2Light July 11, 2009
Take a crap.
I'll be right back I am going to drown some brown.
by Donnie2Light July 09, 2009
A chick that can bend in all the right ways.
Michelle is great in the sack she is an origami mommy.
by Donnie2Light July 10, 2009
1.An alterate reality you that reflects the traits you wish not to possess.2.The you you don't want to become.
Stan reminds me of me in ten years if I don't change my ways.He is my anti-doppleganger.
by Donnie2Light July 11, 2009
A name for an individual who claims the Republican party.
That Stan voted for George Bush what a retardocan.
by Donnie2Light July 10, 2009

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