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2 definitions by donesixfour

commonly used in conjunction with "slobbernocle" this word ads a twist to the already insulting word by adding "ella" to imply that if the target s a male that he is feminine or a little bitch. this word can also be used to better describe a female who acts like a slobbernocle.
"dave you are a slobbernocle and i did your mom last night and did i menton that she is a slobberella? for pretend."(dont worry ill still pay for her surgery)
by donesixfour March 23, 2007
a word commonly used in the c.o.m.s. witch is a general term for a lazy person who likes others to wait on them hand and foot. also see slobberella
Michale, you slobbernocle, go clean the lunch room.
by donesixfour March 23, 2007