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a teenager that is most known for her role on iCarly, a popular kid's show on Nick. she's also a pseudo-singer, but if you listen to her songs... you can tell that they've been synthesized. a LOT. it sounds like a PC singing...
some idiot: did you like- hear the like-- new Miranda Cosgrove song??

me: yes. and it goes to a new level of computers taking over our world. someday, we'll be listening to computers sing!
by don'tyoudareforget April 19, 2009
A school with two campuses, North and City, in Pittsburgh, PA. The class of 2014 are being bombarded with bullying seminars. It's from PK to 12th grade, and co-ed.
"Kids, you are bullying each other!! Sit at assigned tables!"

"Do you ever....
-lock people in rooms
-punch/kick people
-kill people"

"uhh no"

"yes you do! take another bullying quiz and seminar!"

Winchester Thurston sample dialogue
by don'tyoudareforget April 17, 2009

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