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a state in new england, directly north of conneticut and rhode island. the people in this state think that because they can afford $600 handbags paid for by dear ol mummy and daddy's credit card,and because their dear red sox finally won a world series after 86 YEARS OF CHOKING, that automatically makes them superior to the rest of the united states. in conversation, people in massachusetts most commonly will talk about their favorite subject- how "wicked bad" the 26-time world series champion yankees are. they will never own up to the fact that they are very jealous of the yankees. many massachusetts people are narrow-minded twits who won't listen to any critism of any kind, especially regarding sports. they might be too busy cheering, "YANKEES SUCK"-at a basketball game very unrelated to baseball- to hear you.
by don't start with me January 15, 2005

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