23 definitions by don juan

A harrible town where everybody drinks and smokes excessivly.
That pot head must be from Closter
by Don Juan April 05, 2005
A person ran all over Ramapo and he should have gone D1 if he did fail his classes
He was such a ray and ruined his life
by Don Juan March 06, 2005
A confused white teen who thinks that he is black and from Alabama.
Look at that wigger, he must think he is Deblazz.
by Don Juan April 15, 2005
somebody who has a lower capacity than sombody who is stupid
wow that bitch was Stoupid!
by don Juan August 28, 2004
Another word for the sexiest part of a woman's body, her poon and/or vagina.
This word originates from the word chacha, which in spanish means girl.
Can also be used to offend someone who is being a wimp or pansy.
"Yo guy, that girl has a FINE poochacha!"

"Why are you being such a poochacha?"
by Don Juan April 02, 2005
An old cemetary that some stoned fucks think is haunted. Theres all kinds of cool shit out there, and admittedly it's a bit creepy at night. A great place to drink and smoke weed, except that now it's over-run with the bacon patrol. Supposedly there is a werewolf out there and a man with red eyes wearing a cloak. The werewolf is dekes dog that ran away, and the red eyed dude with the cloak is fucking pedro running around playing dungeons and dragons with some red contacts.
Man 1: Yo wanna go chill at the kazbar?
Man 2: Naw, theres the fucking fuzz out there these days.
by Don juan March 28, 2005
A person that is a complete idiot and has no idea how to win in a fight
That kid just got the shit beaten out of him like Joiquin Phoenix
by Don Juan April 06, 2005
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