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Any statement that is intended to not have any feedback, output, or response to it. They aren't usually meant to be funny, but when they are, they're normally just considered sarcasm, and are left trailing off.
A) Damn it's hot outside.
B) I know.
A) Thanks for responding, that was a rhetorical statement.

A) Wow, that chick has huge...
B) Boobs?
A) Killed it, B.
by Domonic May 20, 2008
An oral cumshot, preferably while deep-throating.
My girlfriend told me that she needed a cough drop...I got it right in her throat.
by Domonic March 20, 2008
The theory that states (or implies) that college girls say that their "perfect man" is nice, and treats them like a woman; however, all college girls actually enjoy being mistreated in every way except for being cheated on (secretly, every human knows that women crave attention, whether or not they show it or not).
Jon: What the hell, man? I've always been nice to Erica, and she knows I like her. I even bought her earrings with her chocolate and roses for Valentine's day. But she never really acknowledged me...until recently. I've just been ignoring her and not paying attention to her. Now she texts me just to say hi.

Brian: Yea, it's the college girl theory in full effect. She misses the attention, and is now more attracted to you than ever.
by Domonic February 18, 2009
The lie that was told about the origin of drinking alcohol. The truth: Alcohol was created by a cult of fatally unattractive women who were tired of being ignored.
Over 500 years ago, ugly women were ignored, just as they are today. They were, however, smart enough to concoct a drink with chemicals that caused men to think they were attractive...or in the least, not as ugly as they really were. Ever since then, the chemical has been effectively ruining the lives and reputations of good-tasted (straight) men everywhere. This is known as the Alcohol Conspiracy.
by Domonic January 31, 2009
When you are taking a deuce in public, and someone walks into the bathroom, so you close your cheeks with all your might. Of course, when the bathroom is empty, your bowels explode your shit outward at Mach 3.
I was taking a shit yesterday at Applebee's, and somebody walks in. So I get toilet tension and seize up my ass. So this guy left, and it was just me. So I explode my ass, and shortly after, I hear someone flush a urinal...I guess someone walked in when the other guy walked out...
by Domonic December 24, 2008
Any reflex that girls have (much more common with spazzes), in which they let out a high-pitched scream, jump back unnecessarily, hit someone/something, etc. In all cases, it is just an overreaction to something simple.
"Hey, did you see me scare Brittany over there?"

"Yea, but her sheflexes reacted, and she kicked you in the balls."
by Domonic April 08, 2008
A gas station that is on a highway, where there is no other gas station in the area; the prices are much higher than a common gas station, so you would have to be desperate and low on gas to even consider getting gas from there.
A)Wow, did you see that gas station? The gas was $7.00/gal.

B)Yea, it was just a desperation station, because the next gas station is 30 miles away.
by Domonic July 10, 2008
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