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fat penguin term used to break the ice and start a conversation
carl,fat penguin


carl,well its my ice breaker

jane,ha ha i get it
by doinkbox December 05, 2009
stickadickinapital derived from pilot being mispelled during the writng of stick a dick in a pilot stickadickinapital has now become a great word to say when a person feels frustrated or just cant think of anything else to say
ryan,i have just completed call of duty modern warfare 2 in 15 mins on vetran.

bill,omg why dont you go and stickadickinapital you lame noob!!

craig, stands in dog turd and says stickadickinapital
by doinkbox December 05, 2009
s.o.l smile out loud to smile out loud is to make a noise when you smile
.1.bob tells ashley a joke over facebook

ashley smiles and makes a slight humming noise as he smiles

ashley says s.o.l to bob over facebook to describe the way he smiled out loud

.2. to smile out loud/s.o.l happens when you dont quite laugh at somthing but it amuses you enough to make you smile and make a noise as you smile like a huh noise
by doinkbox December 05, 2009

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