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3 definitions by dogawful

A totally awesome dog. A real hoopy frood.
Our dog is an awesome dog.
Hey you, sass that hoopy Dogawful? There's a frood who really knows where his towel is!
I be knowin' that dogawful since way back in the BBS in Yours Buns days. He sure is OG. Dogawful and Agent Anarchy, they was tight man.
by dogawful January 20, 2009
A woman who has a body deemed "hot" by cultural standards, but has a slightly fucked up face. Examples being: eyes too close, head too small, large mouth, funky teeth, slight inbred look, bruises, eye patch, scars, acne, etc... If these women had slightly prettier facial features they might actually be able to become real models or actresses instead of porn stars and escorts. Not ugly, but not real pretty. See also: porn face.
That chick is kinda hot, but she has stripper face.

The reason strip clubs are poorly lit is so you can't see the strippers' faces.

Not a butter face or double bagger, just odd looking in the daylight.
by dogawful May 12, 2008
What Would Bugs Bunny Do?
Last time I was confronted by armed thugs, I though "Hmmmm...WWBBD?" So I kissed them on the lips and took off into my tunnel leading towards Albuquerque.
by dogawful January 09, 2009