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a finely woven sweater made of the finest pubic hairs
Who needs cashmere when you could have a pube sweater?
by docwhoomph July 12, 2010
an appropriately sized gong, rang with your dick, used to tell a woman to get out of your bed after you are done with her
When my roommate hears my shlong gong he knows to get ready to try to move in for some sloppy seconds.
by docwhoomph July 12, 2010
an injury sustained while having sex with an overweight woman
Me - This cattle wound hurts pretty bad. I think my dick was bent in half.
Mike - That's what happens when Bertha pounces on top of you.
by docwhoomph July 12, 2010
ponytail made out of pubic hair. a fine addition to any man's look
I trim around my pubytail before I hit the showers in the gym.
by docwhoomph July 12, 2010
a dick that won't get hard
Me - Adam suffers from slumbering lumber even when he isn't drinking.
Jack - He should really see a doctor. They have pills for that now
by docwhoomph July 12, 2010
type of fetish where a large group of men take turns shitting on a woman's face for both her and all of their sexual pleasure
The scukkake ended when Adam really made a mess on the floor, although Pam wanted it to continue.
by docwhoomph July 12, 2010
the awesome skin that makes up your nutsack. it has the ability to keep your nads climate controlled
I'm glad my scrotidermis knew to suck my nuts into my body this morning. It was fucking cold outside.
by docwhoomph July 12, 2010
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