18 definitions by doc johnson

Doctors note to signify an illness , usually imaginary reported by an old p
erson who should be dead anyway.
"Dont Know Dont Care"
by Doc johnson October 14, 2003
Halle's younger brother
Whaddaya mean Example fool?
by Doc Johnson August 10, 2004
Where sales meets religion.
The perfect religion for gullible yanks.

Sickeningly positive all the fucking time and so bloody nice.
Donny Osmond

Still keeps trying to get back into showbiz!!!
by Doc Johnson February 07, 2004
A great insult for anyone of any race but esp.black men.

The lowest of the low.
'You want to overcharge me for my bargain bucket?'

'Get outta here negress........'
by Doc Johnson January 25, 2005

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