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In English english, stupid, not very bright.
George Bush Jnr (shrub) gives the distinct impression that he's a bit THICK
THICK as pie meat.
THICK as Pigshit
THICK as Monkey spunk etc
by doc Johnson October 16, 2003
The number of REAL (Not Hollywood)American servicemen who actually escaped from an axis prisoner of war camp during WW2 (1939-1945) Not 1942-1945.
William "never happened" Holden in Bridge over the River Quai.
by Doc Johnson December 27, 2003
The irresistable force with which an overdue turdforces it's way into your underpants wne you "gamble and lose".
"for christs sake get off the bog Lucy, I'm feeling the power of the turtle here and I'm going to mess myself"!
by Doc Johnson August 21, 2004
In sales-related industries, Nothing, zero, nil.
After talentless UK waste-of-a-good-skin Tara Palmer what's-her-cunt.

It refers to her apparent total lack of any discernible breast tissue.
Frank; "Done any deals yet this week?"

Dave; "No,last week I did three by Wednesday, but so far this week, Tara's Tits".
by Doc Johnson December 09, 2004
Doctors note to signify an illness , usually imaginary reported by an old p
erson who should be dead anyway.
"Dont Know Dont Care"
by Doc johnson October 14, 2003
Confusing one this -

A suburban black guy who hangs around with, and acts, dresses etc. like suburban white guys who want to be urban black guys.

A black wigga wigger wiggah
You probably know one.
by Doc Johnson February 03, 2005
Where sales meets religion.
The perfect religion for gullible yanks.

Sickeningly positive all the fucking time and so bloody nice.
Donny Osmond

Still keeps trying to get back into showbiz!!!
by Doc Johnson February 07, 2004
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