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A crack infested, pill snorting, meth making county. Mostly populated with rednecks, wanna be thugs, and illegal aliens.

A place where there's nothing fun to do except hang at the empty mall, the 2D movie theater, or go to Sonic. Everyone's mostly rude, and full of drama. You may have a good time with the prostitute, Chewbacca who frequents 'Hospital Avenue.' Every teenage girl ends up pregnant, and forever remains a whore. Usually by high school graduation they have a 4 year old, and possibly a younger kid.
Taylor and Avree are bestfriends. They're from Caldwell County, so ofcourse they're druggies, wanna be's, and got knocked up at 14. They're parents must be so proud to have raised them in Caldwell County
by doby_is_a_free_elf March 02, 2012

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