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the majestic beast who bears witness to countless acts of savagery in the manliest game ever (Starcraft).

he has endured many a spider mine to the face, and suffered the scorn of frequent psi storms.
the pandabearguy knows; he sees the dropship.
by dobbersp May 06, 2009
resilient protoss play in starcraft.
a player who springs back up when knocked down as a punching bag clown named bobo would do.
see also 'boboran' and 'bobozerg'
rock is such a bobotoss. chalrenge just bombarded him with dt and harrass but rock sacked up and laid the smackdown with his bobotoss.
by dobbersp May 06, 2009
crushing your opponent's units with a command center.
doing a cc rush (a 14 CC) in the game of Starcraft.
I just proxy'd a cc on my opponent's probes. he went TT cc gg.
by dobbersp January 23, 2010

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