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Pronounced "Dah-pray-mawn." A cajun slang term usually used at the beginning of a statement meaning "supposedly" or "alegedly." Most often it is hear-say or gossip oriented.
Dapremond they got an offshore settlement afos they got a new double wide trailer and a harley.
by doadiddy October 22, 2010
Pronounced "Ah-fawz". A cajun term meaning "because" or "as a result of." Mainly used by older cajun people in casual conversation. When requiring more emphasis (usually during gossip), the word may be pronounced "Arah-fawz," however it is always spelled the same.
I need to go make grocery afos the icebox is empty.

She should not be wearing those pants afos they make her ass look wide.
by doadiddy October 22, 2010
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