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4 definitions by do-you-know

a polite member of society who doesnt want to make the leaflet distributor that he/she is worthless so gathers leaflets as there thrust into their path. Gets home to discover a bag/pocket full so stores them in the letter rack until winter and fire material is running low.
i really didnt need that leaflet 'free phone calls to Polland on the 5th day of every month begining with G', im such a silly leaflet squiral, but at least ill be warm in the winter months
by do-you-know August 24, 2007
making use of crushed crustations carnage after a heavy down pour by pulling some killer moves on the sticky remains.
Wooah man,just caught a gnarly wave on the way to the bus stop was snail /slug surfing for at least 10mtrs before i was wiped out by a furry dog poo.
by do-you-know August 24, 2007
a small annoying lap dog that id sooner kick in to orbit than stroke
its that a dog or a rat? its good at stcking toes, but still is a little shitum
by do-you-know August 24, 2007
you, yes you, stoopid
urban dic- someone that not capible of contructing a sentence using the Oxford dictionary, so results to making up words in the name of F.U.N ( friends unknown)
by do-you-know August 24, 2007