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to buy marijuana from a drug dealer
let's go rig some bud.
by dk January 19, 2005
A verb of gay. used as replacement of "you are doing something gay."
"Brendon you are acting very giggy today"

You're playing with balloons. Thats so giggy.
by Dk June 04, 2004
An urban vernacular that refers to the male reproductive organ.

The word originated from West Philadelphia in reference to a local legend, Peter K.
I'm Peter K., and I'm Sergeant Pepper.
by DK February 28, 2005
a facial expression for happiness much better than :) used by n00bs
DK : Wanna play CS?
Other Guy : kk =]
by DK July 01, 2004
1. It is an ancient japanese martial art only for the bravest and stongest of the world.
2. A word that can substitute for almost every word in a sentence as long as it is slightly modified.
1. That young child is ready to begin phase one of Wambo training
2. I live in the Wambited states of Wamberica. My daddy served in the wamby and lost his right eye, but he flew a wambo in his yard till the day that he day he died
by DK June 21, 2004
The process of putting herbs inside a male's anus, lighting them, and sucking the smoke through the mouth.
We got bored, so we all used Johnny as a man bong.
by DK October 21, 2003
OoT is the best game ever!!
by DK January 03, 2004

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