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Attributed to people whose appearance and/or gestures are flamboyant, effeminate, and suggestive of them being in the gay order.

Not to be confused with disc jockeys (dj's), derek jeter, or wanker dj's.

Inspired by the film "Bruno".
"Hey Tobi, you're such a D.J. because you wear you're bag like a purse so flamboyantly".

"Oh hey, thanks for that compliment."
by djwanker August 20, 2013
BFO: Brazilian Food Orgy.

Lunch or Dinner commonly consumed in Southern Brazil, in the form of an unlimited, obesity-inducing buffet of orgasmic proportions, eaten regularly (aka every day).
"Hey Luan, I really feel like gorging my face with food."
"We should head down to the BFO down the street then."
"Which one? There's ten of them on this street."
by djwanker October 02, 2014
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