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Melody is the most beautiful name in any language, and it is usually the name of the most incredible, fantastic, amazing, wonderful girl you'll ever meet. Melody is also extremely sweet, she wont hurt a fly. She has a heart of gold and has been considered a Godess in fact. She can make anyone's day, and make anyone smile. Melody has a smile that lights up the room instantly. She has amazing eyes, usually green or blue. Her body is better than any other. Usually perfectly in shape due to her athleticism. She's insanely easily to fall for, so be careful. But if she falls for you too, it is destined to last a long time as long as you take care of her. Her vast beauty and marvelous personality may seem hard to maintain, but melody is usually pretty simple. Her ass is also incredibly fine, for those that were wondering. Every guy would literally kill to be with her. Those that do end up with her, are the luckiest men alive. Don't break Melody's heart, because her friends will bludgeon you with a crowbar, leaving you mentally incapacitated or dead.
"who's that girl?"

"thats melody. how have you not heard of her?"
by djrr April 12, 2010
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