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a trailer parker is "someone" who lives in the filth of his own mother. the reason mother is because most of the time trailer parkers are born of incest, and the brother and sister go seperate ways after being rejected by court for mariage. trailer parkers most frequently reside in trailers, however you might be able to find a few loitering at mcdonalds for food or drug money. alot of the trailer parkers have been known for spending time around a rich person's home only to cause structural damage and to illeagaly obtain technological devices, such as nintendo DS's or wireless controllers. trailer parkers are easilly reconized; they have artificially colored hair, they wreak of cigeretts, alchohol and gunpowder, they aways wear clothes that are too big and have something that resembles wealth or fighting or hunting or some other redneck attribute, such as a large medalion in the shape of a dollar sign ( $ ). there are some acceptions, like when they accually bathe each day or so.
alchoholic who resides in a trailer, usually female or male but sometimes castrated. trailer-parker, trailer garbage
by djnthewhale March 31, 2011

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