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the ultimate shit. You have been constipated for days, then out of nowhere your body tells you its time to sit on the pot. Agonizingly for up to what could be as long as 3 hours the MASTERSHIT is delivered.
I need a Mastershit I reckon
I am delivering the Mastershit
I have delivered the Mastershit
(other person) Jeezus baby, have you smelled the John? Has someone become Lord of the Mastershit recently?
by djbladdered November 01, 2008
It's the fart that keeps on giving..... you know it's deadly stench is settling into your pores - but!!! - you are transfixed, unable to move, discombobulated and a dead ringer for Rietel OOvergaang. Nope, never heard of him either.
Who did the Eggy Hummer?
That solves that then! No wonder they call me the the Worlds greatest question asker! Huzzoid!
by DJBladdered December 18, 2009
Huge turd. Linked to him being the bassist/guitarist in Genesis, especially the 80s LPs.....
At a party where you have drank and smoked too much, you have just woke up and are squelching and sniffing the AWFUL TRUTH.....
'I think I just did a Mike Rutherford in my pants man!'
by djbladdered August 27, 2008

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