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A term for the type of either lensless or non-corrective glasses commonly worn by members of the 'hipster' subculture. They are worn 'ironically' because of the wearer's lack of eyesight problems.
I saw Nick got some new glasses the other day. Since when does he need glasses?

Oh no man, they're just Hipstervision to go with his new poncho and beard...

Fucking hipsters.
by djake93 December 20, 2010
1. The result of bad greenscreening common in simple photography programs such as Apple's photobooth.

2. The missing body parts that occur as a direct result of bad quality photoshop work
1. damn, we need a better backdrop, we may appear to be on a roller coaster, but you got a bad case of digital cancer on your left cheek there

2. whoa! check out that cheap advertisement! that woman has a serious case of digital cancer - her left foot isnt even there!
by djake93 August 03, 2009

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