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refers to the nastiest bus staion skank you can find. even lower than the swamp turkey. the scrapings off the bottom of the barrel. usually on crack. aka lot lizard
lance stop messin' with that swamp pigeon and get yosef a SWAN!
by dj8up May 06, 2008
Very elite group of swan-necked hoes. No swamp pigeons or mud ducks allowed! see also bevy. see also swan-necked hoe.
What happens in the swan pond stays in the swan pond!
by dj8up May 06, 2008
Very rare; the highest level of hoe. These are the most beautiful and classy ladies you will ever find but, you can never have. Usually found in texas. Will be dripping with diamonds at all times and dressed in only the very best. They usually travel in small groups known as a bevy. This species does not intermingle with lower species such as a mud duck or swamp pigeon.
the only known living examples of the swan-necked hoe are katherine, christian, and angela.
by dj8up May 06, 2008
A group of swan-necked hoes. See also swan pond.
There's a bevy in the club tonight!
by dj8up May 06, 2008

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