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5 definitions by dj mike

to fuck in the asshole and/or the coochie. usually in a hard manner
that hoe was askin for it, so i porked the shit outta that bitch
by dj mike January 06, 2005
there's many meanings and use's of the word...
1- used 2 smoke crack and other drugs with.
2- used 2 refer to ur dick
3- used to refer to ether fuck or get sucked up
1- i wanna smoke some crack with my pipe
2- i gonna get her 2 suck my pipe
3- i wanna lay the pipe on that hoe and make her scream
by dj mike January 05, 2005
being crazy/goofy at the same time
that movie was bananaz
by dj mike February 22, 2004
the symbol people use at the end of letters to symbolise hugs

Also xxx for kisses
love from Bob
by DJ MIKE February 23, 2005
tight south rapper from texas also a swisha house representa like myself. and for the guy who said how hes a fag and all that stuff about the swishahouse knows he gets fucked in the ass by his dad so he needs 2 shut the fuck up b4 i bust his head opend talkin his sinceless shit when he dont know about anything. fuck off u fagget ass dude u probly 2 busy bein a preppy dumbass.
mike jones, paul wall, and the whole swisha house click is tight fuck the haters especially people who dont know what the fuck there talkin about
by dj mike April 20, 2005