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1 definition by dj lobotomy

The word dub in recent years has taken on several different meanings. In the cocaine trafficking underworld, a dub is the street term for a bag worth $20 dollars. When referring to car rims, dub simply implies a minimum radius of 20".
When used in the musical context of a dj discussion, a dub is short for a dubplate, which is an acetate pressing of a record; although it is used in a loose sense and normally means 'an unreleased track'. However from a producer's standpoint dubbing can mean anything from adding sound, copying sounds, or omitting sounds from a recording.
1. The cops found a DUB on him.
2. I'm riding on DUB-DEUCES.
3. Have you heard that new DUB from dj so and so??
4. Yes i saw that anime, but i saw the ENGLISH-DUBBED version.
by dj lobotomy August 31, 2006
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