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(n).(v).(adj). A sexual act where by a female partner uses a sex toy harness (a.k.a. a strap-on) to penetrate the anus of her male partner. The word dates back to 1899, where Michael Haberlant reported on the uses of double sided sex toys by natives in Zanzibar. It was in his documentation the word was first recorded. The dichotomy between a Fresca and a Diet Fresca is due to the size of the female partner. A Fresca, or sometimes referred to as a Regular Fresca to differentiate from a Diet Fresca, is when the female partner performing the sexual act is larger than the male partner. Etymologists agree that weight is the standard for determining the "size" of the female partner.
(n) "I am about to get my Fresca on" or "Or can you bend over and hand me a Fresca"

(v) "I let that chic Fresca the F@#$ out of me last night " or "We're going to mother f@#$ing Fresca on this mother f@#$ing plane"

(adj) "She's a Fresca girl" or "That's so Fresca, it make me want a hot dog real bad"
by dj jsizzle July 05, 2010
(n).(v).(adj). A sexual act nearly synonymous with a Fresca, but the female partner is of a smaller size than the male partner.
(n) "I'll take a Diet Fresca on the rocks" or "Diet Fresca tickles my throat"

(v) "I met this guy last night that I would love to Diet Fresca" or "We Diet Frescaed on your mom's breakfeast table"

(adj) "Only two words can describe that girl, Diet Fresca" or "That man has a bubble butt that is so Diet Fresca"
by dj jsizzle July 05, 2010

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