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A cereal that a certain rabbit really wants, but is always confiscated at the last second by kids who discriminate against age and species.
<Kid> Silly rabbit, Trix are for--
<Trix Rabbit> God dammit! IT'S BEEN LIKE THIS FOR DECADES NOW! That does it, I'm getting my lawyer!
by dj gs68 October 28, 2003
On Futurama, DOOP stands for the Democratic Order of Planets.
by dj gs68 May 13, 2003
The name Uranus was given in 2620 according to the TV show Futurama, to end certain jokes.
I got THAT from Urectum!
by dj gs68 April 24, 2003
A place where people will end up working at because they've been convinced school is useless.
"Hello, welcome to McDonalds, may I take your order?"
"Yeah, can I get a Filet O' Fish and a small Shut The Fuck Up?"
by dj gs68 October 19, 2003
A captain on Futurama that is the military equivalent of George W. Bush. Women are not allowed in his army as he likes sexually harassing them. Comes up with poor strategies to battles, such as sending waves of his own men out to be destroyed by "killbots," robots that die upon reaching a preset kill limit. He is also responsible for driving a space cruise into a black hole, destroying a $400 billion space station, and having a planet completely mined to the point where it implodes on itself.
Zapp Brannigan: The court shall now hear from the court marshall's ex-lover, Turanga Leela.
Leela: Go *BEEP* yourself.
by dj gs68 September 04, 2003
The highest school grade ever. There are 2 reasons people hate people with A+'s:

1. They're kinda jealous.
2. The people who get them are despised because instead of partying and drinking beer until they couldn't see straight lines or breathe anymore, they spent nights studying for that final exam so they won't get SWORDED! by their parents.
I got an A+, then when some punk saw me with that, he tried to shoot me, but only shot cars behind me causing their alarms to go off.
by dj gs68 July 12, 2003
Watch out!!1 Tehy aer teh un-1337 Lunix usars taht will stoel yuor megahurtz!!
h4x0r5 0n teh yu0r pC?
by dj gs68 July 17, 2003

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