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Another idiom that means the same as.."Gone bananas"....but taking it to a much higher level.
"Holy Shit Joey dat guy went bannanas.. nahh Nicky he went fuggin Apeshit! After all apeshit is bananas!
by divewave November 28, 2007
A condition caused by an imminent turd projecting partially from one's rectum
..At the Beach.. after raw clams an beer..."Hey look at that dude runnin' to the water... He's gotta shit so bad... He's got a turtle butt!"
by Divewave May 21, 2006
"a guy that comes in a potential piece of ass".. and ruins it
for any further use by others..(see sloppy seconds)
"man that dude was a real peehole smith"
by divewave January 21, 2008
The Dried particulate vaginal excreta that accumulates on your member after intercourse.
I put a Cod Particle in one of the burgers today at work
by divewave July 04, 2012
A Natural Resource found on the Pregnant Human Female, Used during
harsh economic times... to replace cow milk.
Yo.. We just ran out of cow juice..
Can i come over your house and express some milk from your old ladies fiscal tits?

Sure but ya gotta pay double she's runnin' low...
by divewave December 31, 2012
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