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A hard rock band formed by the fire bunny. It was formed in 2000, and broke up in 2002. They only released one self titled album. The band quickly declined in popularity when the fire bunny developed a habit of burning down every venue that he played at.
Firebunny tried to burn down Madison Square Garden. They were banished for life.
by diusoahdafkjladhkladsfbn August 19, 2007
A rabbit who breathes fire. He was born in 1987, and started the 1988 Yellowstone fires. He had to go into hiding in 1989 after the government put a bounty on his head. He came back out of hiding in the year 2000, and has been going around burning things down ever since. Nobody knows why he breathes fire, he was just born that way. He eats Hot Tamales and spicy foods for fuel. He once formed a hard rock band called firebunny, but it didn't last very long, as he had a bad habit of lighting the place on fire after every show.
There is only one known fire bunny.
by diusoahdafkjladhkladsfbn August 19, 2007

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