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A truly horrid place. The most corrupt people are given most of the power. We have the most corrupt court system in the country. Our police officers are akin to the mafia. A place where people will tolerate any kind of anti-social behavior as long as you say praise the lord. Theese same poor people are duped into voting for republicans, simply because they say I love Jesus, or I am a deacon in the church. Yet theese are the same people living high on the hog while the masses toil in poverty. I ask you Alabama is that what your religion is? Feeding off the powerless. The government officials are loathe to improve our schools for that very reason. That people will not buy the lies they are selling. I'm tired of hearing about polite southerners also. Most of them are so pig headed and rude they are intolerable. Outsiders look out we got no need for change here!
Alabama the most corrupt state in the union!
by dissedent August 19, 2006

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