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When something smells so bad that you can't take it, such as unwashed and moldy dishes, or a clogged toilet. In order to use such an unwieldy term though, it has to smell like a corpse injected with Iraqi sewage. Reeeally fucking bad.
"That skank's pussy smelled like Satan's asswater."
"I hate Marie's kid. He always smells like Satan's asswater."
"My foot is all swelled up and purple. Not to mention it smells like Satan's asswater...."
by disnywhite June 23, 2009
To shit with a force that can damn near obliterate the toilet you're sitting on. Usually the climax of trying to desperately find a place to defecate. Ultra blasts can happen in someone's pants, but then they are called "fucking ultra blasts." This phrase is usually shouted or screamed.
"Fuck this line! I need to ultra blast..."
"I had to leave the stage for an ultra blast."
by disnywhite June 23, 2009
A person that longs for the days of swords and dragons, who speaks in public like a knight, and is forever looking to the skies in search of adventures true.
"That fucker is a pantherblade.He needs to go back to drama class."
by disnywhite June 22, 2009
A scabby, septic mass of scabs and opened sores located in- between the asscheeks that results due to lack of competent butt wiping. Named after B.A.Baracas from the A-Team for the shit/scab mohawk shape of the infection.
"My ass stinks real bad and hurts like a motherfucker! i think I got baracass!"
by disnywhite June 22, 2009
Breasts that hang listless and flat. Usually triangular shaped and pointing in a downward 45 degree angle to the left and right, but sometimes they just hang like unused water balloons.
" That bitch needs a bra for those kickdogs."
by disnywhite June 21, 2009
A dumb white rich surfer guy that grew up in a mansion in or around the Orange County CA. area. Listens to Pennywise or Bad Religion too much and loves to brag about his shit weed. Drives a car with tons of band stickers on it. "Chope" itself is the sound the cretin makes when sucking on a bowl way too hard. A total douchebag.
"Don't call that choper on my phone!"
"Go back to Huntington Beach, you fucking choper!"
by disnywhite June 22, 2009
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