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See coffee. The only strong, addictive, mind altering substance that law abiding, anti-drug religious types will gleefully imbibe with reckless abandon. Supposedly this is due to it's legal status, it's accessible nature, and the fact that modern society has not labeled it as a drug. See also hypocrisy.
"I sure am feeling tired as fuck tonight, but this project has got to be ready tomorrow".

"Time to brew up good ol' pot of christian crank and knock this one out for good".
by dismalvoyage September 16, 2008
One who, despite not having any other klepto tendencies, will habitually pocket other people's cigarette lighters. Typically this unconscious act of thievery happens after a weed session. The number one reason a BIC lighter will often pass through 20 other owners before it's spent.
<Potential smoker fumbles through pockets, loaded bowl of ganja waiting on the table>

Where is that lighter!?

Oh yeah, Trey was smoking here earlier. That dude is a lighter klepto.

Better keep an eye out next time. Now I gotta walk to the fucking store in the rain.
by dismalvoyage August 29, 2008
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