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3 definitions by disathome

The firm smooth buttocks created by a combination of playing hockey 6 days a week and weight lifting Hockey ass is best flashed from under a towel first thing in the morning with the accompanying "woo hoo" sound. Hockey ass has also been known to be vital in accompanying a leg lift fart. Hockeyass needs to be admired by a female who lurks around corners waiting for its appearance. The owner of the Hockey ass often brags about its superiority and makes fun of others whose aren't as good as theirs
"That is one hot hockey ass"
by disathome May 09, 2010
The act of farting in order to clear an area for your own personal enjoyment
When it is difficult to get a lounge seat by pool:

"I'm going to lay down a territorial fart and clear the area so I can get the best lounger, and then no one will be bugging me"
by disathome October 11, 2009
Once a woman has passed the age of being a "cougar" (generally 50 plus) she is considered a wooley mammoth. She can still pull guys in their 30s as they think she may still be a coug because she takes good care of herself and looks like she's still in her forties.
Dude, thats no cougar, she's way over 50, she's a wooley mammoth.
by disathome July 28, 2010