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A tiny ass town that nobody knows about, even people who live in one town over. On Long Beach island and next to Long Beach, NY. Alo next to Lawrence and Cedarhurst and Inwood, all those damn places... Lawrence school district...
All the rich people live on Bay Blvd or by the beach, or in the estates. Then there's the west end by silverpoint (and flamingo st!) where grandmas live, and druggies. We have a beach, and along the boardwalk almost all the beach club things are dead. Across the bridge is also the far rockaways.
Atlantic Beach, NY person: Hey, where you guys live?

Merrick, NY person: Merrick.

Long Beach, NY person: Long beach.

Cedarhurst, NY person: Cedarhurst, you?

AB person: Atlantic Beach

LB person: oh rlly?

Cedarhurst: Wait...wherE? o.O?

Merrick: Never heard of it.
by diru-is-love October 16, 2009

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