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The feeling of being high or a movie star (This is a great feeling that is not dangerous). You can also say this word just randomly outloud when you are bored.
"I feel so chronic futon right about now." - Dog The Bounty Hunter

"There is a chronic futon in mi pantalones." -Barry Bonds

"Dude, chronic futon" -Ethan
by dirtysokz3883 June 28, 2007
Another thing to call a usb port in your computer or labtop. Many cool people use this term when they are frustrated or upset. Also you can just say this word randomly for fun if you are bored.
"AHH usb flippin port!!" -Jorge Posada

"Umm usb flippin port." -Ethan

"I love chipotle and usb flippin ports." -Chris
by dirtysokz3883 June 28, 2007
a word to describe something cool or something you like. Also you can say it randomly outloud for fun
"dude baller narnia!" -Dewy
by dirtysokz3883 June 28, 2007

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