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when a guy cums in a squiggly line on any tiled floor and the chick slides on it exactly four and a half inches, while the man does the same thing while having an erected penis and slides his dick into her asshole while in a laying down position.
"Honey, the cum isnt squiggly enough for me to buhdoodle on it"

"Holy shit theres cum all over the floor people must have been buhdoodling in here"
by dirty sanchez lover January 05, 2008
When a gay guy with a 4.5 inch dick sticks it in some chicks ear and sticks it up her butt and she eats whateevrs on it afterwards.
"Dude when i was giving her eeger, she barfed all over my dick, sweet."
by dirty sanchez lover January 05, 2008
a sweedish sex toy used to pleasure the penis and vagina and cucumbers
"hey!I just got back from buying some yobodubbadubba from the grociery store and i also got a cucumber while i was there"
by dirty sanchez lover January 06, 2008
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