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4 definitions by dirty dynamite

tossing a young man's salad followed by anal in a locker room shower
james gave jack a lower sandusky after basketball practice
by dirty dynamite November 11, 2011
getting head from a young man in the locker room shower
jeff got an upper sandusky from mikey in the shower after gym class
by dirty dynamite November 11, 2011
to get a blowjob
i asked where phil and michaela were. somebody said they left work cause she was going to give him a ride to the airport
by dirty dynamite April 23, 2011
when pounding a girl from the back, you sit an ashtray on her back, so you have somewhere to rest your smokes. it's common courtesy, as otherwise, you would be ashing your cigarette on her back, and that would just be inappropriate
wait baby, don't move. I got to get my ashtray before I take you to the doggystyle pound town
by dirty dynamite April 09, 2011