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That extra cooter skin that looks kinda like a pastrami sandwich. Either she's one of those unfortunates born like this, or she's seen the business end of the ramrod one too many times and blew her o-ring.
Damn Suzie! Your pootie-tang is so tore up, yo' meat curtains look like a freakin' gyro sandwich!
by dirTsamoan June 30, 2003
A term referring to a woman, either by questionable morals or intelligence, has allowed herself to be the willing recipient of a long history of creampies, to such excess that she dehumanizes herself to the point of becoming a mere sperm receptacle.
That stupid jizz trap gave me the clap!
by dirTsamoan June 30, 2003
Depending on your race/socio-economic class, its a day in June which can be a source of rejoicing or sorrow or confusion.
Special days are to celebrate what is, not what isn't! So take that stupid smile off your face you fockin' bastard! Yo mama' shouldn't have been such a bitch, otherwise she might have been able to baby-trap that sucker!
by dirTsamoan July 02, 2003
a form of measurement. an unquantifiable measurement which illustrates the insignificance of the amount in question.
are we really going to argue about that?! that's some pussy hair shit!
by dirTsamoan July 01, 2003
A crime which has no recourse against the perpetrator, however it is certainly not a victimless crime. It's virtue comes from the victim's inability to provide coherent testimony.
GHB and a Nixon mask, ahh the perfect crime! Good Luck testifying cupcake!
by dirTsamoan June 30, 2003
Those sick fucks that frequent public restrooms in search of unflushed toilets. These broken degenerates feel sick pleasure by the sight of the aftermath of digestion.
There goes Andrew again! Whatta plop raider! Like a fucking Indiana Jones of shit!
by dirTsamoan July 08, 2003
A level of intoxication achieved by only one way and by one man alone. Few have witnessed the bone-chilling spectacle of Ray consuming lethal doses of single-malt scotch, thereby embarking on a carnival ride of shame and soilment.
Ray has not fathered any kids, for one he can knock anyone up when he's in raymode, secondly- his sperm is swimming in a high-octane soup of scotch and sadness.
by dirTsamoan July 01, 2003
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