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Similar to a Puma, referring to a young woman with the build or makings of a Cougar.
I'm such a "Pumes"


Fuck You Soup!
by dirtbag0154 July 23, 2010
Buttering 4 of your fingers up her #1 and #2 holes while getting BJ. When ready to blow, shove fingers under her nose and say something salient to Minnesota.

Ex: "This ain't Minneapolis sweetie" Or, "Did you know Harmon Killabrew liked bj's too?"
I met this chick from Minneapolis at the NiteOwl, she was talking shit all night. I had to give her the tourist treatment

Did mean the "Wadena Butterfinger" ?

by dirtbag0154 August 03, 2010
When you slide your dick in her butt cheeks. Basically, titty fucking her ass.
This stripper pulled my dick out and started rubbing it between her ass.

I used to do that with my girlfriend in high school. We called it a "Wadena Coozie"

Well it felt awesome, eh!!!
by dirtbag0154 August 03, 2010
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