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a term used for a good grade, such as a b+, but it still wont land you in stanford

also used to describe the situation an asian is in when they say the words "im like failing"

this grade would be considered good, if not acceptable for any other race, excluding indians and russians
im like failiing, said suzy after she saw teh 87 on her test

sam asian failed is test with a b+, insuring he will only go to a state university, rather than an ivy league school
by dirk lance July 23, 2005
1. Latin translation loosely describes the word "nightmare" it is a mythological creature who visits women in the night and engages in ghostly sexual intercourse
2. The Greatest Band Ever: Brandon Boyd, Jose Pasillas, Ben Kenney, Mike Eizinger, Chris Killmore
she wore metal underwear to keep the incubus out
the incubus concert was amazing
by dirk lance September 11, 2005
slang for masterbation....especially in females

some synonyms include...playing wheres waldo, walking down the red carpet, etc.

though it bares no real reference to anything sounding even remotely obscene, this phrase can be used among friends to talk about and/or mess with members of the opposite sex
1. shes really hot, id love to renew her dental plan

2. if you cant wait for me to come back, just renew your dental plan while you're lonely

3. if you renew your dental plan, can i watch?
by dirk lance July 23, 2005

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