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another term for a dickhead, but slightly more offensive.
you took the last beer. you dickbag.
by dirk dig November 19, 2004
its from some girl in college. she looked pretty good but had this mini gut above her crotch. so she was the original fupa. F.U.P.A. fat upper pussy area
that bitch was hot but had fupa.
by dirk dig November 19, 2004
when you decide to bang a girl in the ass
without telling her, you just dive bomb in
and possibly yell kamikaze.
Jill screamed when I delivered to her
a kamikaze joystick.
by dirk dig December 29, 2004
When you offer a girl a drink of your choice.
We were out of scotch so I gave her a penis cocktail.
by dirk dig November 19, 2004
A lesbian that looks like a girl. Not the motorcyle bull dyke types. This is a girl you would want to bang and might not know she is a carpet muncher. She might actually wear lipstick while the other kind would wear leather or denim.
The girl did not accept your sexual advances, so obviously she is a dyke. However, she is rather attractive. She must therefore be a lipstick lesbian.
by dirk dig November 19, 2004
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