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19 definitions by dirk diggler

Best. City. Ever.
by Dirk Diggler October 25, 2003
N. A Prosti-tot is a young underage girl dressed to get laid, aka jailbait.
Damn, this truck show is full of Prosti-tots!!!
by Dirk Diggler April 28, 2004
Word used to trick ignorant internet patrons into signing up for spam.
You've won a free* 42" plasma tv. Just enter your email address below.

*It's not really free... sucker!
by Dirk Diggler March 15, 2005
thick women that are actually hot looking
i'm not fat i'm chunky but funky.
by dirk diggler June 23, 2004
the act of crapping
Dude, where's the bathroom. After that pizza and those 40 ouncers I've got to drop off the Cosby kids at the pool.
by Dirk Diggler December 29, 2002
Fat Upper Pussy, usually causing an unsitely fat bulge just above the pubic region.
Her fup is so big, she has to sit an extra foot away from her desk because her fup is in the way.
by Dirk Diggler January 14, 2003
the swingingest paper towel brand on the market today.
"what kind of paper towels should i get?"
"Brawny DUH!"
by Dirk Diggler October 25, 2003