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1 definition by dipzy

the concept of 'grandad-ing' is quite complicated for some people to grasp.
'grandad-ing' is when you find an innocent unaware soul in the street. U then knee them in the thigh.. and this is 'grandad-ing'...you call it 'grandad-ing' because after you have comppleted the technique you walk like a cripple...this is the 'grandad' concept :D
hello there
(pretend to go and hug the person you say hello to)
CABLAMMMM.....you knee them in the thigh...u have to knee them at the outer side of the thigh to get the fuller effect...and then u can run away and laugh and shout hahah i just 'grandad-ed' you! this is the concept of grandad-ing
by dipzy November 04, 2007